Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

11 Episodes

Hanasaki and Souma tackle the multiple scandals and problems that arise in the bank's branches throughout the country: lost cash, embezzlement, information leakage, accounting fraud, and calculated bankruptcy.

Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out
  • S2E1: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

    Episode 1

    A client, Morozumi, claims to have incurred losses from an investment trust that he purchased after being assured by Kitahara that he would not lose money. However, Kitahara denies it.

  • S2E2: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

    Episode 2

    Matsuki seeks Souma's advice on a loan that the branch manager has instructed him to collect. When Souma investigates, he finds that the company has been profitable for some time and can't think of any reason for Matsuki to suddenly collect the loan.

  • S2E3: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

    Episode 3

    Three million yen goes missing from the Roppongi branch. A search of personal belongings is conducted, but no cash is found. However, Hanasaki notices that Kyoko is acting suspiciously toward a customer when checking the security camera footage.

  • S2E4: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

    Episode 4

    Miki, who works in the loan division at the Machida Branch, becomes the victim of a stalker. Hanasaki and Souma begin a confidential investigation, considering the possibility that the perpetrator may be Miki's coworker.

  • S2E5: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

    Episode 5

    Souma reunites with his friend Aoi, who has started up an IT company, and asks Tokyo Daiichi Bank for a loan. However, upon reviewing the request for loan approval, Souma notices something suspicious about Aoi's company's performance.

  • S2E6: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

    Episode 6

    Mai and Soma visit a branch to assist its inspection division. However, Soma has actually received an order to investigate Himuro, the chief of the inspection division.

  • S2E7: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

    Episode 6

    Matsuki loses the financial documents of the company he is in charge of. The next day, he receives a phone call from a woman who says she has them, demanding one million yen.

  • S2E8: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

    Episode 8

    The branch manager of the Kawasaki branch is pushed down the stairs by someone. In the meantime, the branch manager of another branch is also attacked by someone. Turns out that the two have something in common.

  • S2E9: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

    Episode 9

    A ten million yen promissory note which Hotta of the Loan division had goes missing. Later, Mai and Souma learn that Hotta lied in his testimony about the day he lost it.

  • S2E10: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

    Episode 10

    A criminal threat is made against the Toyosu branch, and a small fire is reported at the ATM corner. When security camera footage is cross-checked with ATM transaction records and the time of the fire, a suspicious man is seen in the footage.

  • S2E11: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

    Episode 11

    A major company, a lender to Tokyo Daiichi Bank, goes bankrupt. An email is received from an employee of the company stating that their president gave a 100 million yen bribe to someone at Tokyo Daiichi Bank.