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Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

S2E1: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

Season 2, Episode 1

Up Next in Season 2

  • S2E2: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

    Matsuki seeks Souma's advice on a loan that the branch manager has instructed him to collect. When Souma investigates, he finds that the company has been profitable for some time and can't think of any reason for Matsuki to suddenly collect the loan.

  • S2E3: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

    Three million yen goes missing from the Roppongi branch. A search of personal belongings is conducted, but no cash is found. However, Hanasaki notices that Kyoko is acting suspiciously toward a customer when checking the security camera footage.

  • S2E4: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

    Miki, who works in the loan division at the Machida Branch, becomes the victim of a stalker. Hanasaki and Souma begin a confidential investigation, considering the possibility that the perpetrator may be Miki's coworker.