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Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

S2E2: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

Season 2, Episode 2

Up Next in Season 2

  • S2E3: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

    Three million yen goes missing from the Roppongi branch. A search of personal belongings is conducted, but no cash is found. However, Hanasaki notices that Kyoko is acting suspiciously toward a customer when checking the security camera footage.

  • S2E4: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

    Miki, who works in the loan division at the Machida Branch, becomes the victim of a stalker. Hanasaki and Souma begin a confidential investigation, considering the possibility that the perpetrator may be Miki's coworker.

  • S2E5: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

    Souma reunites with his friend Aoi, who has started up an IT company, and asks Tokyo Daiichi Bank for a loan. However, upon reviewing the request for loan approval, Souma notices something suspicious about Aoi's company's performance.