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Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

S2E5: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

Season 2, Episode 5

Up Next in Season 2

  • S2E6: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

    Mai and Soma visit a branch to assist its inspection division. However, Soma has actually received an order to investigate Himuro, the chief of the inspection division.

  • S2E7: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

    Matsuki loses the financial documents of the company he is in charge of. The next day, he receives a phone call from a woman who says she has them, demanding one million yen.

  • S2E8: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

    The branch manager of the Kawasaki branch is pushed down the stairs by someone. In the meantime, the branch manager of another branch is also attacked by someone. Turns out that the two have something in common.