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Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

S2E7: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

Season 2, Episode 6

Up Next in Season 2

  • S2E8: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

    The branch manager of the Kawasaki branch is pushed down the stairs by someone. In the meantime, the branch manager of another branch is also attacked by someone. Turns out that the two have something in common.

  • S2E9: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

    A ten million yen promissory note which Hotta of the Loan division had goes missing. Later, Mai and Souma learn that Hotta lied in his testimony about the day he lost it.

  • S2E10: Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out

    A criminal threat is made against the Toyosu branch, and a small fire is reported at the ATM corner. When security camera footage is cross-checked with ATM transaction records and the time of the fire, a suspicious man is seen in the footage.