Tokyo Tarareba Girls

Tokyo Tarareba Girls

10 Episodes

Talking about “coulda, shoulda, woulda", Rinko, unmarried and unsuccessful at her job, spends her days with her best friends from high school. One night, a young handsome man suddenly scolds them "You tarareba women!" Just like that, the ladies get a harsh reality check.

Tokyo Tarareba Girls
  • S1E1: Tokyo Tarareba Girls

    Episode 1

    One day, Rinko, an unsuccessful screenwriter, is invited to dinner by Hayasaka, a producer whom she had turned down for a date eight years ago. Kaori and Koyuki, Rinko's best friends, think he's asking her out again and congratulate Rinko.

  • S1E2: Tokyo Tarareba Girls

    Episode 2

    Bad things continue to happen to the three. Then, Koyuki sees KEY holding flowers on the street and witnesses an unexpected side of KEY.

  • S1E3: Tokyo Tarareba Girls

    Episode 3

    Rinko wants to ask KEY what he thinks of her, but she can't. Kaori's heart is shaken again when she meets her ex-boyfriend. Koyuki is captivated by a man she met on the street. What will happen to their love?

  • S1E4: Tokyo Tarareba Girls

    Episode 4

    While Kaori and Koyuki are making progress in their relationships with men, Rinko is frustrated as both her work and her love life are not going well. Then Koyuki tells the others that she is going on a secret trip with Marui, and the three argue.

  • S1E5: Tokyo Tarareba Girls

    Episode 5

    Rinko is invited to dinner by Okuda, a bartender she met at a supermarket. Expecting a dramatic turn of events, Rinko gets excited with Kaori and Koyuki, but one thing leads to another and she learns about KEY's past.

  • S1E6: Tokyo Tarareba Girls

    Episode 6

    Rinko is happy that her relationship with Okuda is going well. However, as she spends more time with him, she begins to feel uncomfortable with the subtle differences between them. Meanwhile, Kaori decides to join a dating agency.

  • S1E7: Tokyo Tarareba Girls

    Episode 7

    Assigned to write the script for a PR video to promote Hayasaka's hometown, Rinko goes to the town. She is not enthusiastic about the small job, but when she learns of Taguchi's passion for revitalizing the town, she decides to take the job seriously.

  • S1E8: Tokyo Tarareba Girls

    Episode 8

    After kissing Hayasaka, Rinko's hopes for her relationship with him grow once again. She is also overjoyed to hear that her work will be adapted into a drama series. Meanwhile, the possibility arises that Kaori is pregnant with Ryo's child.

  • S1E9: Tokyo Tarareba Girls

    Episode 9

    Rinko is happy with Hayasaka and her career begins to go smoothly. Meanwhile, KEY is told to forget his dead wife by her father.

  • S1E10: Tokyo Tarareba Girls

    Episode 10

    Rinko is very happy with her new boyfriend, but she can't leave KEY, who has been depressed. Kaori and Koyuki are also trying to find the best path for their romance.