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Up Next in Season 1

  • S1E3: Tokyo Tarareba Girls

    Rinko wants to ask KEY what he thinks of her, but she can't. Kaori's heart is shaken again when she meets her ex-boyfriend. Koyuki is captivated by a man she met on the street. What will happen to their love?

  • S1E4: Tokyo Tarareba Girls

    While Kaori and Koyuki are making progress in their relationships with men, Rinko is frustrated as both her work and her love life are not going well. Then Koyuki tells the others that she is going on a secret trip with Marui, and the three argue.

  • S1E5: Tokyo Tarareba Girls

    Rinko is invited to dinner by Okuda, a bartender she met at a supermarket. Expecting a dramatic turn of events, Rinko gets excited with Kaori and Koyuki, but one thing leads to another and she learns about KEY's past.