The Queen's Classroom

The Queen's Classroom

11 Episodes

A new teacher comes to the 6th grade class. She has a good reputation as a results-driven teacher. However, dark rumors about her strict methods follow her.

The Queen's Classroom
  • S1E1: The Queen's Classroom

    Episode 1

    Akutsu is assigned as Kazumi's homeroom teacher. Akutsu suddenly gives the class a pop test and announces that the two students with the lowest scores will be responsible for all the classroom chores.

  • S1E2: The Queen's Classroom

    Episode 2

    Akutsu forces Hikaru, a classmate who defended Kazumi, to be the chore member. Akutsu refuses Kazumi's request to forgive Hikaru, saying that Akutsu only talks to the two students with the highest grades in the class.

  • S1E3: The Queen's Classroom

    Episode 3

    At the school's anniversary celebration, Akutsu's class will perform a dance. Akutsu tells Hisako, who has no sense of rhythm, that she does not have to come to the performance. Kazumi, outraged, suggests that they all boycott the event.

  • S1E4: The Queen's Classroom

    Episode 4

    Akutsu tightens her grip on the students after their attempt to boycott the dance performance. Meanwhile, Mari's purse is stolen.

  • S1E5: The Queen's Classroom

    Episode 5

    Kazumi is accused of stealing Mari's wallet and is ostracized by her classmates. Her good friend's continued absence from school leaves Kazumi feeling more isolated.

  • S1E6: The Queen's Classroom

    Episode 6

    Akutsu says she will continue teaching during the summer vacation. The classmates, except Kazumi, are afraid to disobey Akutsu and promise to come to school during the vacation.

  • S1E7: The Queen's Classroom

    Episode 7

    Kazumi and the other three decide to enjoy their vacation. But when the fall term begins, they find that only THEIR desks have been removed from the classroom.

  • S1E8: The Queen's Classroom

    Episode 8

    Some students are warned by Akutsu not to interfere with those who are taking entrance exams for private schools. Akutsu also decides to cancel all future school events.

  • S1E9: The Queen's Classroom

    Episode 9

    Akutsu gives her students a document listing their grades, as well as their behaviors, including secrets and lies. Akutsu threatens them to do as she says if they do not want their parents to see the report at a parent-teacher meeting.

  • S1E10: The Queen's Classroom

    Episode 10

    As the kids work together to fight Akutsu, the atmosphere in the classroom improves. Meanwhile, there is a post on the school board's website that denounces Akutsu's educational policies.

  • S1E11: The Queen's Classroom

    Episode 11

    Akutsu is hospitalized due to overwork. Unexpectedly, Namiki learns the cause of her overwork and changes his mind about her. However, the vice principal wants to fire her because of her constant problems.