10 Episodes

Life or death is determined at the ten-minute mark after an emergency call is made. Detective Higuchi and a voice profiler, Tachibana, solve crimes by relying on the voice that pleads for its life as a guide.

  • S1E1: Voice

    Episode 1

    Higuchi's wife, Miki, was murdered by a psychotic killer, and he hates Tachibana at the Emergency Command Center for failing to save Miki's life. Meanwhile, Higuchi is transferred to the Emergency Command Center.

  • S1E2: Voice

    Episode 2

    In order to save a college girl who is being held captive, Tachibana relies on her hearing to locate the culprit. After the incident, Higuchi wonders whether Tachibana really heard the sound.

  • S1E3: Voice

    Episode 3

    The sister of one of the ECU team members has been abducted. Higuchi and Ishikawa look for her based on the GPS on her cell phone and Tachibana's special hearing ability. However, Higuchi and Tachibana begin to realize that a trap has been set in this abduction case.

  • S1E4: Voice

    Episode 4

    Several hours have passed since Aoi was abducted, and she is in imminent danger of being raped. Tachibana tells Higuchi two important things: how to find Aoi's whereabouts and hints of Nitta's involvement in Higuchi's wife's murder.

  • S1E5: Voice

    Episode 5

    Tachibana suspects Okihara as a collaborator, believing that the person who murdered Nitta is the same person who killed Higuchi's wife. In the meantime, a 6-year-old child reports that his mother stabbed him.

  • S1E6: Voice

    Episode 6

    Higuchi, who now has information on the actual suspect responsible for his wife's death, is attacked and disappears. Ishikawa rushes to the scene only to find that an unexpected person has Higuchi's cell phone.

  • S1E7: Voice

    Episode 7

    After Okihara is attacked by someone, the suspect in Higuchi's wife's murder appears on the investigation timeline. However, Higuchi and Tachibana speculate that the real murderer is elsewhere.

  • S1E8: Voice

    Episode 8

    Uesugi commits suicide. However, Tachibana doubts that it was a suicide. Higuchi and Tachibana wonder why Hongo's son, Shizuku, has not cooperated with a witness interview for the murder of Okihara.

  • S1E9: Voice

    Episode 9

    Higuchi heads to the scene of an accident at a construction site involving Hongo Holdings. At the same time, Higuchi hears that there was an accident at another construction site also involving Hongo Holdings.

  • S1E10: Voice

    Episode 10

    Higuchi rushes to Shizuku's vacation home and finds Shizuku's car and someone's bloodstains. Convinced that Ishikawa, who has been missing, may have been involved in the case, Higuchi raids the vacation home.