Shibuya School Girls' CURSE LIST

Shibuya School Girls' CURSE LIST

9 Episodes

A collection of scary stories told by teenage schoolgirls in Shibuya, Tokyo, who experienced them firsthand or heard them from others. The series features found footage and re-enactments of these stories. Are these rumors true?

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Shibuya School Girls' CURSE LIST
  • S1E1: Self-immolation

    Episode 1

    At a high school club practice, someone in the corner is longing for the after-class fun; A girl who recently moved out to live alone may not be alone after all; A magical locker that brings you love also takes away something you treasure; An email circulating around demands to be forwarded to ot...

  • S1E2: Knock Knock

    Episode 1

    A girl sees something in the rice fields and learns the horrifying details of what it is; A female voice appears in a song by an all-male band; A group of girls is having fun in the dark playing with fireworks when something catches the attention of one of them; High school girls who have gone of...

  • S1E3: The Phone Booth

    Episode 3

    A girl tries to use the phone booth in a park that is supposed to let you talk to a ghost; A college student experiences a drastic change in character after visiting an abandoned hospital.

  • S1E4: Daruma's Face

    Episode 4

    A girl throws away an old doll, unaware that it never really left her; A high school girl tells the story of a little boy who kept looking behind her; A high school drama rehearsal is interrupted by a haunted stage; A group of kids playing hide-and-seek find a strange Daruma doll wrapped tightly ...

  • S1E5: It's You, Mom

    Episode 5

    A pillow that claims to alleviate insomnia contains terrifying contents; A man decides to follow a girl who hitchhiked with him, but what he sees at her house traumatizes him; A college student who left her newborn baby in a paid locker is avenged by her own daughter.

  • S1E6: Crackling

    Episode 6

    A high school girl finds a wall in her new apartment with strange messages carved on it; A talented aspiring pianist is left alone by her friend, who goes to a big music school. Unable to cope with the disappointment, the pianist commits suicide; A group of college students goes on a dare to an a...

  • S1E7: It's No Dream

    Episode 6

    A girl dreams of being followed and grabbed by a stranger; A victim of high school bullying searches for her stolen doll after her death; Three schoolgirls explore a website rumored to be cursed; A couple visits a known haunted place when the girl suddenly falls ill.

  • S1E8: Unforgivable

    Episode 8

    Two boys go looking for "Knife Woman" and end up sneaking into her house; Four people accidentally hit a man while driving and try to dispose of the evidence; A group of girls decides to go camping and one decides to buy a used sleeping bag online.

  • S1E9: School-Girl Zombie

    Episode 9

    A man targets runaway high school girls to turn them into zombies; Three high school students find an old cassette tape that no one should hear; A group on a dare finds an uninvited guest waiting for them in their car.