Pretty Proofreader

Pretty Proofreader

10 Episodes

Etsuko's lifelong dream is to become an editor for a fashion magazine. She finally bags an offer from a large publishing house, only to find out that she's been assigned to the least glamorous department in the company--the Proofreading Department.

Pretty Proofreader
  • S1E1: Pretty Proofreader

    Episode 1

    Etsuko finally gets a shot to work for a publishing company that's at the top of her list but in reality, her job there is a far cry from what she'd thought it would be. However, she decides to dedicate herself to her new job, hoping that it will someday lead to her dream job.

  • S1E2: Pretty Proofreader

    Episode 2

    Etsuko is in charge of proofreading a book about money-saving tips written by a famous blogger Aki. Although Aki appreciates Etsuko's new ideas for her first book, it seems that Etsuko is crossing the line as a proofreader.

  • S1E3: Pretty Proofreader

    Episode 3

    Yoneoka is greatly disheartened by being asked to step down as proofreader for his favorite novelist Shijo. That job is now assigned to Etsuko. One day, Etsuko is praised by Shijo for something she is completely unfamiliar with.

  • S1E4: Pretty Proofreader

    Episode 4

    While Morio is at risk of losing her job if she cannot convince Yukito to reveal his identity as a novelist, Etsuko goes to the home of famous actress, Asuka, to fact-check her autobiography.

  • S1E5: Pretty Proofreader

    Episode 5

    Etsuko is then tasked with the job of proofreading an essay written by a fashion stylist who's not only popular but also Etsuko's fashion idol. Although she has been told just to proofread, Etsuko immerses herself in fact-checking the contents of the essay against her boss' wishes.

  • S1E6: Pretty Proofreader

    Episode 6

    While Etsuko and Kaizuka are arguing over a kid's book Etsuko is working on, a messenger who used to be a novelist and holds a grudge against Kaizuka shows up at the office.

  • S1E7: Pretty Proofreader

    Episode 7

    A mogul author, Hongo, offers Etsuko a job to work on his essay. Seeing them together, Yukito becomes perturbed and scampers off.

  • S1E8: Pretty Proofreader

    Episode 8

    Takehara assigns Etsuko a proofreading job for romance novelist Sakuragawa and tells her to do better than her best. Later, Etsuko finds out there's a surprising past between Takehara and Sakuragawa.

  • S1E9: Pretty Proofreader

    Episode 9

    Etsuko is all excited about her new task - proofreading her favorite magazine - but she starts to lose her motivation when she sees Morio working enthusiastically as an editor.

  • S1E10: Pretty Proofreader

    Etsuko's lifelong dream of becoming a fashion magazine editor is almost at hand, and her big day is approaching. In the meantime, Hongo is accused of plagiarism and the proofreading team gets busy clearing up the suspicions.