Overprotected Kahoko

Overprotected Kahoko

10 Episodes

College student Kahoko is the quintessential overprotected child borne out of today's Japanese society. This drama depicts the various experiences and struggles of Kahoko who finally ascends to the throne and becomes the queen of her small kingdom called "family."

Overprotected Kahoko
  • S1E1: Overprotected Kahoko

    Episode 1

    Kahoko's father's biggest concern is the future of his daughter. She can neither wake up nor pick her clothes without mother's help. But overprotected Kahoko gets criticized by her classmate, Hajime, for the first time.

  • S1E2: Overprotected Kahoko

    Episode 2

    Kahoko starts to look for what she wants to do with her life. In the meantime, she keeps a secret from her mother for the first time.

  • S1E3: Overprotected Kahoko

    Episode 3

    Kahoko is interested in Hajime, but Kahoko's mother is wary of him and warns Kahoko not to see him.

  • S1E4: Overprotected Kahoko

    Episode 4

    For the very first time, Kahoko rebels against her mother. Kahoko goes to see Hajime to learn his true feelings towards her.

  • S1E5: Overprotected Kahoko

    Episode 5

    Kahoko's father is upset with his wife and daughter, feeling that they depend on him only when it's convenient for them. Hajime suggests that Kahoko starts a part-time job to be more independent.

  • S1E6: Overprotected Kahoko

    Episode 6

    Kahoko resolves to be a more independent daughter, greatly upsetting her mother, which then causes her to run away from home.

  • S1E7: Overprotected Kahoko

    Episode 7

    Kahoko accidentally learns about a secret, kept by her grandmother Hatsuyo. Knowing the secret, Kahoko tries to convince Ito to hold her birthday party.

  • S1E8: Overprotected Kahoko

    Episode 8

    A family meeting is held to discuss Hatsuyo's condition but it only creates a commotion. Trying to move on from Hajime, Kahoko begins to attend matchmaking parties for Hatsuyo's sake.

  • S1E9: Overprotected Kahoko

    Episode 9

    Kahoko's parents, especially her mother, reject her marriage to Hajime. Meanwhile, Hatsuyo is taken to a hospital.

  • S1E10: Overprotected Kahoko

    Episode 10

    Kahoko has solved all of her family's issues and now it's time to solve the problem SHE has with her mother. Will her mother give her permission to marry who she wants?