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12 Episodes

The Internet is a massive platform for people to create and upload all kinds of content. Some of it is accidental, and some of it is intentional. When you stumble upon a strange corner of the Internet, you may find deleted videos that remain shrouded in mystery. The Not Found crew pushes the envelope in their search for the stories behind these videos.

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  • S1E1: Suicide Show

    Episode 1

    A mother with her son at the park witnesses a man’s unbelievable behavior; An elevator security camera captures paranormal activity; A teenager's audition clip foreshadows the tragic fate of the girl; A girl seeks revenge on her ex in a live-streamed video.

  • S1E2: Threat (Part 1)

    Episode 2

    A couple's lake date attracts an unwanted threat from a mysterious man, and the film crew sets out to find out why; An adorable family visits Tokyo Skytree when their home video captures something out of this world; A surveillance video catches the appearance of a spirit in a garage.

  • S1E3: Red Juice

    Episode 3

    A spy camera conveniently captures an attempted murder; A tortured man was forced to drink a repulsive homemade juice; The video taken by the lake leads the film crew to an abandoned hotel.

  • S1E4: Horror Live Stream

    Episode 4

    A group of college students goes on a road trip, but a terrible accident cuts the trip short; A surprise birthday party prepared by the girlfriend and best friend backfires; The filming crew attempts to host a live stream video at a haunted spot.

  • S1E5: The Spirit's Whisper

    Episode 5

    The crew tracks down the source of a video that is said to curse its viewers; A live stream video of a delusional girl talking to her followers ends on a bloody note; A TV show interviews a psychiatrist when his former client comes back to do the unimaginable; A date filmed on tape catches a glim...

  • S1E6: Magic Show

    Episode 6

    A suspicious magic show ends badly for its forced participants; The crew finally locates the person filmed in the cursed video and requests a copy of it.

  • S1E7: Plastic Bottle Explosion

    Episode 7

    Two college students are making plastic bottle bombs; Children play in the hallway and decide to test their courage; A couple decides to stop by an abandoned house, where they find something they shouldn’t; A ‘Not Found’ viewer calls and complains that this is not scary. He insists that the crew ...

  • S1E8: Buried Video Evidence

    Episode 8

    A boy finds a puppy and brings it his leftovers, but the mother, sensing something strange, decides to put a hidden camera in the boy’s bag to see the “puppy”; The crew hears about a guy who can film dreams and decides to experience it; A camera footage shows a woman being attacked by her boyfrie...

  • S1E9: The Sealed Film (Part 1)

    Episode 9

    A film that brings misfortune to all who see it. What could be the real story behind this film?; The complainer from Ep. 7 keeps insisting on his story and the crew finally interviews him. He takes the crew to a forest to show proof that his story is real.

  • S1E10: Reckless Chainsaw

    Episode 10

    Three guys playing with a chainsaw shoot a video and things take a horrible turn; A guy proposing to his girlfriend wanted to plan a prank to make it special, but it didn't go well; At a car sex spot, two men find a car where they think people inside are having sex and get surprised; A love hotel...

  • S1E11: The Sealed Film (Part 2)

    Episode 11

    The crew continues their investigation on ‘The Sealed Film.’ They find out that the film may follow the true story of its missing director. They search for him by following the clues from the film storyline.

  • S1E12: The Vacant Room

    Episode 12

    A crew goes alone to film Tsuchinoko to convince the others; Footage from an escort club reveals an escort torturing a co-worker; A man who lives in an apartment hears a loud noise coming from the vacant room on the second floor. The crew decides to stay and film what is happening.