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Up Next in Season 1

  • S1E5: Miss Devil

    Hiroshi cannot understand why Nagumo attacked the company president. Hiroshi is then stunned when Mako tells him about a problem that occurred 18 years ago between the Nagumo family and the company.

  • S1E6: Miss Devil

    Hiroshi is sent to the PR department where Yuika, a pregnant woman, is to be interviewed for a TV show about the company's childcare support system. However, other female employees are upset about the increased workload they now have due to Yuika's situation.

  • S1E7: Miss Devil

    Hiroshi's next training is in a department where the company's elite work. An employee collapses from exhaustion, leading to speculation that this department may have a secret room where they work after pretending to have left the company at the end of the work day.