Miss Devil

Miss Devil

10 Episodes

An unconventional human resources consultant exposes the dark layers of corporate malfeasance that lurk beneath the surface at Kyoa Fire Insurance. No evil can escape this beautiful but ruthless heroine, Mako Tsubaki.

Miss Devil
  • S1E1: Miss Devil

    Episode 1

    Mako is in charge of training new employees at an insurance company. On the first day, she makes the new employees write a letter of resignation, and also declares that the 50 new employees will be narrowed down to 10, and begins to give them hard tasks.

  • S1E2: Miss Devil

    Episode 2

    Hiroshi is assigned to the department headed by Mako, and at her direction, he goes to the sales department for training. He is ordered to select one person in the sales department to be laid off.

  • S1E3: Miss Devil

    Episode 3

    Mako tells Hiroshi to look for restructuring targets in the claims department. There he meets Minoshima, a hard-working employee who is stuck carrying the load for an indecisive boss and an incompetent coworker.

  • S1E4: Miss Devil

    Episode 4

    Hiroshi is ordered by Mako to go to the general affairs department next for his training. This time, instead of choosing a candidate for restructuring, he is asked to fall in love with a woman chosen by Mako.

  • S1E5: Miss Devil

    Episode 5

    Hiroshi cannot understand why Nagumo attacked the company president. Hiroshi is then stunned when Mako tells him about a problem that occurred 18 years ago between the Nagumo family and the company.

  • S1E6: Miss Devil

    Episode 6

    Hiroshi is sent to the PR department where Yuika, a pregnant woman, is to be interviewed for a TV show about the company's childcare support system. However, other female employees are upset about the increased workload they now have due to Yuika's situation.

  • S1E7: Miss Devil

    Episode 7

    Hiroshi's next training is in a department where the company's elite work. An employee collapses from exhaustion, leading to speculation that this department may have a secret room where they work after pretending to have left the company at the end of the work day.

  • S1E8: Miss Devil

    Episode 8

    Hiroshi is assigned to train as a secretary to the president. He learns that his father is acquainted with the president, and he can't help but wonder about their relationship.

  • S1E9: Miss Devil

    Episode 9

    Agata's body is found and the police start to investigate the company. The president and chairman are questioned by detectives, and the investigation reaches Hiroshi's father.

  • S1E10: Miss Devil

    Episode 10

    Mako learns from Osawa the facts about the hotel fire that happened 16 years ago. Meanwhile, Kyoa Fire, which is in crisis because of Agata's murder, is about to be taken over by a certain company.