From Today, It's My Turn!!

From Today, It's My Turn!!

10 Episodes

Two unconventional heroes, who have polar opposite personalities, heroic, blond-haired Mitsuhashi, rather unjust, conniving and calculating and his spiky-haired buddy Ito, a champion of justice who abhors anything wicked, form a solid bond and become an unbeatable combo only because they both believe in protecting their friends and allies.

From Today, It's My Turn!!
  • S1E1: From Today, It's My Turn!!

    Episode 1

    Mitsuhashi, a high schooler who is skeptical about ordinary everyday life, makes his debut with a blonde perm when he transfers to another school, pretending to be a genuine homeboy. But he's stunned by a spiky-haired Ito whom he met at the same barber a day before also trying to pretend to be a ...

  • S1E2: From Today, It's My Turn!!

    Episode 2

    Mitsuhashi is accused of being hit by his classmate Riko, a martial arts master, and irritated by her behavior. Ito tries to let Mitsuhashi know of impending danger, but his mind is occupied with Riko and he goes to the town to look for her.

  • S1E3: From Today, It's My Turn!!

    Episode 3

    Riko has developed a crush on Mitsuhashi ever since he resolved a crisis and saved her father's martial arts gym. This breaks Imai's heart and creates a fight between Imai and Akehisa that later involves Mitsuhashi and Ito!

  • S1E4: From Today, It's My Turn!!

    Episode 4

    Although Imai's despairs at having to spend his youth at an all-boys' school, he and Akemi start getting along well. However, Mitsuhashi and Ito see an unexpected side of her!

  • S1E5: From Today, It's My Turn!!

    Episode 5

    Mitsuhashi gets into trouble as a quarreling formation of bad guys who came in from Tokyo stage a merciless attack against the Chiba delinquents just for fun.

  • S1E6: From Today, It's My Turn!!

    Episode 6

    Mukunoki encounters Mitsuhashi's father and they share a secret. They make Mitsuhashi obey anything and completely change Mitsuhashi's behavior towards Mukunoki. Meanwhile, chicken-hearted Sakamoto who's jealous of Mukunoki gains a bodyguard. Will the entire school get in trouble?!

  • S1E7: From Today, It's My Turn!!

    Episode 7

    Mitsuhashi is fed up with Imai who won't give up on Riko and waits for him in a restroom at a park. The fierce battle between Mitsuhashi and Imai starts here. It's a bit different than a battle with fists. Will this be a real life-and-death battle?

  • S1E8: From Today, It's My Turn!!

    Episode 8

    While Riko earns fame as the strongest person in school, a dangerous new student with a full-face helmet and a metal bat is rampaging and looking for the "strongest guy" in the hallway.

  • S1E9: From Today, It's My Turn!!

    Episode 9

    The confrontation between the strongest Akehisa High School students, which has been building up, is finally here!

  • S1E10: From Today, It's My Turn!!

    Episode 10

    The biggest crisis for Mitsuhashi and Ito! The strongest enemy ever appears in front of them! But during the final battle, Mitsuhashi suddenly makes an announcement: he is quitting being a homeboy!