Weakest Beast

Weakest Beast

10 Episodes

Akira never fails to smile and does everything at work perfectly. Kosei is a street smart and charming 33-year-old 'lady's man' who works as an elite accountant. Two people who have guarded their hearts with impenetrable armor are brought together by destiny.

Weakest Beast
  • S1E1: Weakest Beast

    Episode 1

    Akira talks to Kosei for the first time only to find that he is nothing but a sharp-tongued man.

  • S1E2: Weakest Beast

    Episode 2

    After a long, hard day, Akira and Kosei meet up at their usual watering hole and start talking about a bell that rings when people fall for someone.

  • S1E3: Weakest Beast

    Episode 3

    Akira's wishy-washy boyfriend, who can't kick his self-centered ex-girlfriend out of his place, and Kosei's missing brother cause Akira and Kosei great distress.

  • S1E4: Weakest Beast

    Episode 4

    Akira gets panicked and goes to Kosei's office after learning a shocking fact from Kureha.

  • S1E5: Weakest Beast

    Episode 5

    After avoiding reality, Akira finally meets her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend while Kosei decides to learn Kureha's husband's identity.

  • S1E6: Weakest Beast

    Episode 6

    While Kosei hears a rumor that Kureha's marriage is fake, Akira's relationship with her boyfriend only gets worse after the kissing incident with Kosei.

  • S1E7: Weakest Beast

    Episode 7

    Akira realizes that she hasn't been her true self around Kyoya and breaks up with him. But now, his ex-girlfriend Shuri comes into Akira's life.

  • S1E8: Weakest Beast

    Episode 8

    Kosei finds his missing brother Yota at a police station being held on a charge of theft. He brings Yota to his office but shortly after they return, Yota disappears.

  • S1E9: Weakest Beast

    Episode 9

    Both Akira and Kosei are disheartened by their circumstances; Akira's patience towards her boss is at an end and Kosei is threatened by his crooked, insistent client.

  • S1E10: Weakest Beast

    Episode 10

    In order to have a fresh start, both Akira and Kosei make the biggest decisions of their lives independently.