Voice II

Voice II

10 Episodes

These two are back. Led by extraordinary detective Shogo Higuchi and voice profiler Hikari Tachibana, the Emergency Call Unit springs into action to protect lives.

Voice II
  • S1E1: Voice II

    Episode 1

    Hikari, a voice profiler, pins down the hostage-taker's identity using voice analysis, as Higuchi and his son Daiki come across a woman being attacked.

  • S1E2: Voice II

    Episode 2

    Higuchi discovers the car deserted by the white-faced man and his partner, Junna, the abductors of Daiki; Ishikawa, aided by Hikari's special skill, traces Junna.

  • S1E3: Voice II

    Episode 3

    A boy has been abducted, and Higuchi firmly believes that Tsukada is the perpetrator. Following the leads found at Tsukada's home, Higuchi ventures to an abandoned factory, all while the boy's safety is at risk.

  • S1E4: Voice II

    Episode 4

    Chisato, an ECU member, is kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend Maezono. Hikari suspects that Chisato is hiding out at Maezono's villa but Higuchi and Ishikawa find Maezono stabbed there.

  • S1E5: Voice II

    Episode 5

    Higuchi, abducted by the white-faced man, wakes in a dry well. He radios ECU for help, but interference stymies Hikari's team. Meanwhile, a voice from the speaker mounted in the well forces Higuchi to confess his past crime as a police officer.

  • S1E6: Voice II

    Episode 6

    Higuchi embarks on an investigation suspecting a link between the white-faced man and a previous case, while ECU responds to a call reporting an assault on a man by a girl covered in blood at a haunted location.

  • S1E7: Voice II

    Episode 7

    Ishikawa wakes up, gun in hand, and witnesses Onoda's lifeless body. Higuchi believes that Ishikawa is being set up, suspecting that Onoda and the white-faced man may have had some means of communication.

  • S1E8: Voice II

    Episode 8

    Following Ishikawa's shooting, Hikari chases the shooter and Kuon. During the pursuit, Hikari sees Shigefuji escaping. Then, ECU receives a report from Kuon about Shigefuji's imminent threat.

  • S1E9: Voice II

    Episode 9

    Higuchi points his gun at Katagiri, a co-conspirator with Kuon. However, upon grasping Kuon's actual motives, Higuchi decides to allow Katagiri to flee. Later, the importance of those directly killed by Kuon is made clear.

  • S1E10: Voice II

    Episode 10

    Despite Kudo's self-surrender, Katagiri's PC data reveals a substantial acquisition of bomb-related materials, leaving Higuchi firmly convinced of Kuon's ongoing sinister intentions.