The Phantom Thief YAMANEKO

The Phantom Thief YAMANEKO

10 Episodes

A man called Yamaneko steals large sums of money from companies that don't exactly play by the rules, all the while uncovering the dastardly deeds of those corporations. Is he the greatest thief of the century, or is he actually a champion of justice?

The Phantom Thief YAMANEKO
  • S1E1: The Phantom Thief YAMANEKO

    Episode 1

    Yamaneko sneaks into the building of an organization that makes money through bank transfer scams and succeeds in stealing a large sum of money. However, he is interrupted by a hacker called Maou.

  • S1E2: The Phantom Thief YAMANEKO

    Episode 2

    Hosoda's body is found. Yamaneko thinks Hosada was killed as the result of the connection between a certain talent agency and a gang, which was being investigated. And, Yamaneko and others learn that Mao's classmate belongs to that agency.

  • S1E3: The Phantom Thief YAMANEKO

    Episode 3

    Yamaneko is asked by a man to search for his missing girlfriend, Anri. However, it turns out that there's no Anri, or her family, listed at all in any registry.

  • S1E4: The Phantom Thief YAMANEKO

    Episode 4

    Yamaneko obtains Hosoda's USB. He learns that prior to his death, Hosoda was researching a mountain that a real estate company had purchased.

  • S1E5: The Phantom Thief YAMANEKO

    Episode 5

    Rikako's ex-boyfriend is murdered. Since a person wearing a Yamaneko mask is caught on a security camera, the police begin investigating Yamaneko.

  • S1E6: The Phantom Thief YAMANEKO

    Episode 6

    While the Ouroboros, an armed group that sanctions wrongdoers, is causing a stir in the world, Nakaoka is attacked. He asks Yamaneko to find out the true identity of the group.

  • S1E7: The Phantom Thief YAMANEKO

    Episode 7

    The Ouroboros are behind the deterioration of the relationship between the two organizations. Yamaneko asserts that the mastermind behind the Ouroboros is Todo, the governor of Tokyo.

  • S1E8: The Phantom Thief YAMANEKO

    Episode 8

    Yamaneko finally meets Yuki. Yamaneko's mission now is to steal the huge political funds that Yuki is hiding and to bring about Yuki's downfall.

  • S1E9: The Phantom Thief YAMANEKO

    Episode 9

    Yamaneko is shot by Chameleon, a hitman sent by Yuki. Yamaneko is saved by Sakura, and then she receives a manuscript detailing his past.

  • S1E10: The Phantom Thief YAMANEKO

    Episode 10

    Yamaneko and Sekimoto head for the Yuki mansion. Their target is a huge stash of treasure hidden in the mansion and Yuki's life.