The Most Difficult Romance

The Most Difficult Romance

10 Episodes

A wealthy single man with a difficult personality has never fallen in love in his life. But he is finally about to meet the one that will knock him off his feet.

The Most Difficult Romance
  • S1E1: The Most Difficult Romance

    Episode 1

    Reiji heads to a surprise inspection of a hotel he owns. Although he shows no mercy when firing his employees on the spot, for some reason he cannot fire Misaki, who offers him her unwanted opinions.

  • S1E2: The Most Difficult Romance

    Episode 2

    In order to get information about Misaki, Reiji talks to Miura, an employee of the company. After receiving some information from Miura, Reiji balks and plans to give up on Misaki.

  • S1E3: The Most Difficult Romance

    Episode 3

    Reiji mistakenly believes that he and Misaki are in a relationship. Hearing this, Maiko, his secretary, tells him what love is, and he decides to confess his feelings to Misaki.

  • S1E4: The Most Difficult Romance

    Episode 4

    Reiji approaches Misaki using the love strategies taught to him by Wada. Receiving a positive reaction from Misaki, Reiji plans to go on a trip with her under the guise of researching chefs for a restaurant at a new hotel.

  • S1E5: The Most Difficult Romance

    Episode 5

    Reiji is perplexed by Misaki's attitude and asks for advice from Wada about the current situation. Meanwhile, Reiji's driver, Ishigami, is getting married, and Reiji throws a party in order to improve his image.

  • S1E6: The Most Difficult Romance

    Episode 6

    Reiji finally starts dating Misaki, but they make a promise to keep their public and private lives separate and not to disclose their relationship. However, something happens that makes Reiji want to break that promise.

  • S1E7: The Most Difficult Romance

    Episode 7

    Reiji and Misaki are enjoying their time together, but Reiji is troubled by his inability to kiss Misaki and comes up with a plan.

  • S1E8: The Most Difficult Romance

    Episode 8

    After getting into a fight with Misaki, Reiji fires her. Misaki leaves the company and applies for a job at Stay Gold Hotel. In the meantime, Reiji's father shows up.

  • S1E9: The Most Difficult Romance

    Episode 9

    Reiji wants to start over again with Misaki, but she does not want to see him. Reiji, who wants to see her badly, tries to meet her by accident.

  • S1E10: The Most Difficult Romance

    Episode 10

    Reiji and Misaki have made up, but he still has many challenges to overcome before proposing to her.