The Girl's Speech

The Girl's Speech

10 Episodes

Tsubame, a hopeless high school student, teams up with a genius speech writer to revolutionize her school with the power of speech.

The Girl's Speech
  • S1E1: The Girl's Speech

    Episode 1

    Tsubame transfers to a wealthy school after her old high school closes. Platinum 8, an elite student group, forces her to be student council President, but she feels powerless until Kei Shizukui appears.

  • S1E2: The Girl's Speech

    Episode 2

    After being ostracized by the entire school, Tsubame receives Kei's next order. Meanwhile, she loses the student council fee and is held accountable, but she witnesses a council member giving money to Platinum 8.

  • S1E3: The Girl's Speech

    Episode 3

    Various sports clubs bombard the student council with complaints, asking for budget allocations and club room assignments for the new school year. Furthermore, the student council room is overtaken by unpopular sports clubs lacking their own club rooms.

  • S1E4: The Girl's Speech

    Episode 4

    The student council room is vandalized by Platinum 8, but Tsubame is warned by the teachers not to aggravate the situation. Kei blames the teachers for the school's corruption and publishes a scandalous photo of Tsuboi in the school newspaper to incite a counterattack.

  • S1E5: The Girl's Speech

    Episode 5

    Tsubame runs the school festival's executive committee but is boycotted by students controlled by Platinum 8. Kei advises her to find someone close to the Platinum 8's boss who can put on a fake front.

  • S1E6: The Girl's Speech

    Episode 6

    Kei orders Tsubame to revoke the Platinum 8 students' exclusive rights, leading their parents to pressure the school by canceling donations.

  • S1E7: The Girl's Speech

    Episode 7

    When Minami unveils the existence of a speechwriter at school, Tsubame becomes completely isolated. Tsubame's shock intensifies as she unexpectedly witnesses a meeting between Minami and Kei.

  • S1E8: The Girl's Speech

    Episode 8

    Annoyed by the students' independent behavior, the vice-principal imposes strict controls. Meanwhile, Riku wins a novel prize. However, upon discovering the principal's involvement, the vice-principal pressures Riku to decline.

  • S1E9: The Girl's Speech

    Episode 9

    Upon learning Kei's true identity, and about his sorrowful story from the vice principal, Tsubame becomes determined to unravel the truth about his past.

  • S1E10: The Girl's Speech

    Episode 10

    Tsubame discovers Kei's goal of ousting the principal, who has admitted her guilt and plans to close the school. Frustrated by the prospect of losing her school, Tsubame locks herself in.