Red Eyes

Red Eyes

10 Episodes

A team of private investigators made up of a profiling expert, a single mother, a former member of the Self Defense Forces, and a young genius hacker work together in order to solve difficult crimes shrouded in mystery.

Red Eyes
  • S1E1: Red Eyes

    Episode 1

    Kyosuke Fushimi was a detective in the Investigation Division of the Kanagawa Prefectural Police, but he quit his job three years ago after losing his fiancé to murder. Now a new organization, KSBC, is established where he used to work and he joins the team with his fellow workers who are former ...

  • S1E2: Red Eyes

    Episode 2

    KSBC receives a call from a man who alludes to a murder and provokes Fushimi and the team into trying to catch him. Using a planner found in the victim's pocket, Yamazaki points out that this is a 'copycat 'crime of a more famous case.

  • S1E3: Red Eyes

    Episode 3

    Minatogawa is abducted by Kakizaki. With the investigative information shared by Nagakute, Komaki and Yamazaki identify Kakizaki's whereabouts.

  • S1E4: Red Eyes

    Episode 4

    KSBC receives an emergency call about a missing woman. Tracking location information where she lives, and checking the cameras at the crime scene, a man's body is found instead of the missing woman. Later, a suspicious man is captured, but he turns out to be a son of Yamazaki.

  • S1E5: Red Eyes

    Episode 5

    It is assumed that there's a traitor within the police after learning that there's a mastermind behind Kakizaki. In the meantime, two detectives become the victims of the bombing.

  • S1E6: Red Eyes

    Episode 6

    Fushimi learns that there's a mastermind called "Doctor" and finds emails received from Doctor in the phone of Nagashino's brother. Fushimi heads to where those emails came from but gets attacked by Mayumi.

  • S1E7: Red Eyes

    Episode 7

    Someone emails Fushimi asking him to come see them if he wants to know the reason why Miho was killed. Upon arrival, he gets abducted and confined somewhere unrecognizable.

  • S1E8: Red Eyes

    Episode 8

    Kakizaki escapes from the hospital and takes control of KSBC. Without getting the help of SIT, Fushimi and his team begin to hack the KSBC system.

  • S1E9: Red Eyes

    Episode 9

    Although Toba denies it, Fushimi is certain that he is Miho's killer. In addition to being certain, Fushimi finds the knife which was used for Miho's death at Toba's clinic. More shockingly, fingerprints of an unexpected person are found on the knife.

  • S1E10: Red Eyes

    Episode 12

    The police are after Fushimi for shooting Komaki. Meanwhile, assuming that the list of all the incidents suppressed by the police must be involved in everything that has happened, Shimabara tries to obtain it by sneaking into Oshu's room.