8 Episodes

RAW: REAL HORROR FOOTAGE FROM JAPAN investigates the bizarre, paranormal experiences that people in Japan have had and captured on film.

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  • S1E1: On All Fours

    Episode 1

    Clip showing a girl in a dance studio, but her reflection doesn't match her movements; investigating a rumor about a crawling woman who appears at night.

  • S1E2: Shadow Surgery

    Episode 2

    Clip showing a woman attacking a stalker with a spoon; Interview with some girls involved in a dark game called "Shadow Surgery".

  • S1E3: Cursed Forest

    Episode 3

    Clip showing a model who goes to a forest rumored to be cursed and encounters something unknown.

  • S1E4: Grudge Doll

    Episode 4

    Investigation of a doll that seems to hold a grudge; clip showing a disaster that happens at an idol photo shoot.

  • S1E5: Supernatural Powers

    Episode 5

    Interview with a girl whose late father was rumored to have telekinesis.

  • S1E6: House Hunting

    Episode 6

    Interview and clip with a woman who saw something paranormal in a house she wanted to buy; Clip showing something grotesque found in an abandoned building.

  • S1E7: Woman In Bed

    Episode 5

    Interview with a woman who rented a video camera with some footage already in it; Clip showing two workers cleaning out an old apartment and finding something rotting inside.

  • S1E8: Out Of Contact

    Episode 8

    Interview with a spirit medium who explains some very unusual photographs; Clip showing two idols entering a haunted tunnel.