Paranormal Surveillance Camera: Tokyo Streets

Paranormal Surveillance Camera: Tokyo Streets

10 Episodes

Do our eyes perceive all that there is in this world? Sometimes the camera seems to capture more than we can see with the naked eye. In PARANORMAL SURVEILLANCE CAMERA, a team of ghost hunters analyzes authentic paranormal footage captured on home video and surveillance cameras across Japan.

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Paranormal Surveillance Camera: Tokyo Streets
  • S1E1: Taxi

    Episode 1

    In the heart of Tokyo's busy Shibuya intersection, a surveillance camera notorious for capturing the paranormal picks up the sound of a woman reading a strange religious passage; A taxi driver recounts his experience with a "ghost" passenger; A security camera captures footage of a bartender aggr...

  • S1E2: Elevator

    Episode 2

    A woman finds something terrifying in a pile of garbage in Nagoya; When security cameras in an apartment complex record strange activity in the elevators, the team decides to investigate; A surveillance camera records clear video of a shadow walking in a tunnel with no one attached to it.

  • S1E3: Shop

    Episode 3

    A dryer in a laundromat has a habit of turning on by itself when people walk by; a store owner is troubled when items on the shelves keep falling off by themselves; at a railroad crossing notorious for suicides, a security camera captures something from beyond this world.

  • S1E4: Internet Live Stream

    Episode 4

    In-store cameras in a store that sells surveillance cameras ironically capture something creepy of their own; Something creepy appears on an Internet live stream; A building has several security cameras, but only one of them keeps going out of focus.

  • S1E5: Idol on the Stage

    Episode 5

    A ghost appears on film whenever a certain underground pop idol performs; Bad things start happening to workers at a family restaurant after a ghost appears on their security camera footage.

  • S1E6: Ghost Maid

    Episode 6

    The team meets a strange girl who works at a maid cafe. Later, the same girl appears as a ghost in surveillance footage; The team ends the investigation with the underground pop idol and the ghost appearing on stage.

  • S1E7: Signal from Nowhere

    Episode 7

    A mysterious girl is captured on film in a karaoke room; A man hacking into a database that stores surveillance camera footage stumbles upon an unknown signal.

  • S1E8: Jynx

    Episode 8

    A comedy duo records footage of themselves practicing their routine at night. Over the next few days, something strange begins to happen.

  • S1E9: Roommate in the Closet

    Episode 9

    A team of ghost hunters is called in to help a man who believes he may have a roommate living in his closet.

  • S1E10: Invisible Man

    Episode 10

    A department store bathroom captures footage of a customer who shouldn't be there; Street surveillance cameras capture footage of a man no one else seems to notice.