Once You Understand It

Once You Understand It

3 Episodes

Sometimes, while living their normal lives, people accidentally capture something extra on camera. When you first see the footage it seems completely normal, but once you understand it, you cannot shake it from your mind.

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Once You Understand It
  • S1E1: Once You Understand It

    Episode 1

    A dash cam captures something odd hanging from a freeway sign; A man takes a video of something grotesque in a trash bag and tells his story; After a camera memory card's lost data is restored, it recovers some extra photos that the user didn't take.

  • S1E2: Once You Understand It

    Episode 2

    A man and a woman visit an abandoned building in a forest where she disappears forever; A woman takes a selfie and something appears in the photo behind her.

  • S1E3: Once You Understand It

    Episode 3

    A teenage girl rides a night bus and meets some passengers she will never forget; The man who lost his girlfriend in the forest in the previous episode continues to recount her disappearance.