10 Episodes

A lousy detective and his uber-genius assistant solve one impossibly difficult case after another! But every case is connected to the final mystery.

  • S1E1: Nemesis

    Episode 1

    Kazama, who works as a detective for Kurita, and Anna, who works as his assistant, are asked to solve a blackmail case involving the inheritance of millionaire Hokiichi. Immediately after ordering his six lovers to play a game challenging each other to win his inheritance, someone murders him.

  • S1E2: Nemesis

    Episode 2

    Setsuko, a junior high school student, visits Nemesis and asks for help in finding her missing brother, Itsuki. Kazama and Anna, while at Itsuki's favorite club, learn that he is involved in a bank transfer scam. Kazama decides to stake out the hideout of the group responsible for the scam

  • S1E3: Nemesis

    Episode 3

    Kazama is asked by Dazai, the CEO of a theme park, to investigate a kidnapping case. When Kurita hears that a bomb has been planted in the park, he decides to send Anna home. However, Anna meets Tomomi, an intelligent college student, by chance and they start solving the case

  • S1E4: Nemesis

    Episode 4

    A teacher falls to her death at all girl's high school. At the request of the school counselor, Yukimura, Kazama begins an investigation, using an AI developed by AI researcher Himekawa to narrow down the suspects. Meanwhile, Anna sneaks into the school as a transfer student and becomes friends w...

  • S1E5: Nemesis

    Episode 5

    Kazama and the others decide to investigate the passing of the president of a salmon farm who fell to his death. Learning that the victim was covered by insurance, they interview the president's second wife and the three sons he had with his previous wife.

  • S1E6: Nemesis

    Episode 6

    Tajimi, an online influencer, asks Kazama to look for a missing actress, Hikari. Tajimi believes that Kanda, a journalist who is believed to have spread fake news about Hikari's drug use, is involved in her disappearance.

  • S1E7: Nemesis

    Episode 7

    Kazama is asked by Nagisa to investigate the background of Karasuma, a man who has been trying to cover up a certain suspicious death. Instructed by Kurita to take the data from Karasuma's phone, Kazama asks Himura, a magician, to help him.

  • S1E8: Nemesis

    Episode 8

    Anna realizes that there is a secret about her birth. When Kazama and Kurita tell her the whole story, she thinks that she has ruined the lives of her father and the others, and runs out of the office.

  • S1E9: Nemesis

    Episode 9

    Anna is taken to the Kan Research Institute and detained. Searching for Anna's whereabouts, Kazama and Kurita believe that one of the people close to her is a spy for the Kan Research Institute. In the meantime, Anna and Tomomi are competing at the institute to decrypt Hajime's research data.

  • S1E10: Nemesis

    Episode 10

    Kazama and Kurita find a car belonging to the Kan Research Institute and guess the location of the institute based on the soil found on the car. They are heading to the institute to save Anna, but cryptanalyzing Hajime's research date is near at hand. Examining the data, Tomomi notices something ...