My Son

My Son

10 Episodes

One spring day, a beloved 3-year-old son is kidnapped and returns 9 years later as a teen. Can a family return to what it used to be?

My Son
  • S1E1: My Son

    Episode 1

    Before his fourth birthday, Kou is kidnapped, leaving his mother Yui devastated. Divorced and living alone, Yui's world is suddenly shaken when she receives a call that Kou has been found.

  • S1E2: My Son

    Episode 2

    Through a series of phone calls with Kou, Yui begins to perk up. Meanwhile, Kino, a child welfare worker, visits Yoichi, Kou's father, and confides in him that Kou has been found and that Kou has a letter containing a shocking fact.

  • S1E3: My Son

    Episode 3

    Yui and Yoichi come to an agreement to live with Kou. As they begin to forge a new life together as a family, Kou secretly remains in contact with Asako.

  • S1E4: My Son

    Episode 4

    Upon realizing that Kou is actively avoiding her, Yui does not know what to do with Kou and keeps it to herself.

  • S1E5: My Son

    Episode 5

    On his way back to the orphanage, Kou vanishes, causing Yui to grow concerned that he may have gone back to Asako's. Meanwhile, Asako receives a job offer from Kotone.

  • S1E6: My Son

    Episode 6

    Yui discovers Asako's heart-wrenching past and learns the truth about her meeting with Kou, a truth that is far worse than Yui ever imagined.

  • S1E7: My Son

    Episode 7

    Seeking mutual understanding as mothers, Yui sets up a meeting with Asako to discuss Kou. The meeting starts off well, but a careless remark from Yui sparks an epic battle.

  • S1E8: My Son

    Episode 8

    Asako's request for Yui to lie to Kou about the incident from two years ago leaves Yui feeling perplexed. Meanwhile, Kashiwazaki Auto becomes the target of a journalist seeking an interview.

  • S1E9: My Son

    Episode 9

    After revealing Asako's history in prison to Kou, Yui receives word from the school the next day that Kou has not been in attendance.

  • S1E10: My Son

    Episode 10

    Asako leaves Tokyo, and Yui and Risako step up to embrace their roles as mothers with unwavering confidence. Nevertheless, Yui finds herself struggling to find a resolution for her feelings toward Asako.