My Lover's Secret

My Lover's Secret

10 Episodes

Some secrets are so bad that they cannot be revealed to one's lover. Rei was in his last year of middle school when he killed his father to protect his mother from domestic violence.

My Lover's Secret
  • S1E1: My Lover's Secret

    Episode 1

    A legal apprentice Rei and his fiancée Sawa are a happy couple. However, there is a big secret that Rei cannot tell anyone--he killed his father 11 years ago. One day, Rei receives an anonymous message indicating someone knows his dark past.

  • S1E2: My Lover's Secret

    Episode 2

    The body of Kosuke, Rei's father, is dug up by someone. Rei becomes very agitated and decides to turn himself into the police but Shoko, Rei's mother, stops him.

  • S1E3: My Lover's Secret

    Episode 3

    Rei and Shoko are informed by the police that Kosuke's car has been discovered. Rei becomes terrified knowing that the person who knows his secret reported the location of the car to the police.

  • S1E4: My Lover's Secret

    Episode 4

    Shoko slips and falls on the stairs at work, but Rei is suspicious of her story. In the meantime, Rei and Sawa plan to go to the fireworks show, but Shoko opposes the idea, worrying that the fireworks may cause Rei to remember the horrible events that took place 11 years ago.

  • S1E5: My Lover's Secret

    Episode 5

    Sawa receives the trophy Rei used to kill Kosuke by mail, and surprisingly Kosuke is the sender. In the meantime, Sawa's brother Akito warns Rei not to involve Sawa in any more trouble.

  • S1E6: My Lover's Secret

    Episode 6

    Someone has replaced the engagement ring Rei bought Sawa with Kosuke's ring. In the meantime, Detective Ichinose is suspicious of Rei and Shoko because they have never seriously tried searching for Kosuke so he begins to re-examine Kosuke's disappearance.

  • S1E7: My Lover's Secret

    Episode 7

    Sawa tells Rei a shocking story of her past - she thinks Kazami is the perpetrator of her abduction. In the meantime, someone sends Rei a photo that evokes memories of Kosuke.

  • S1E8: My Lover's Secret

    Episode 8

    While Rei finds Kosuke's ring, the trophy, and a skull at Kazami's office, Kazami disappears after he promises to confess to Sawa's abduction. As a result, Sawa's parents become strictly against her marriage.

  • S1E9: My Lover's Secret

    Episode 9

    Shoko confesses to the murder of her husband, and Rei plays along with her lies. Shoko gets arrested, and Rei breaks up with Sawa. But later, Rei finds an envelope with an enclosed copy of Kosuke's diaries on his desk.

  • S1E10: My Lover's Secret

    Episode 10

    Rei confesses the truth to Sawa and decides to surrender to the police. In doing so, he finally finds out who sent Sawa the trophy and who is the mastermind behind the murder!