Midnight Terror Theatre

Midnight Terror Theatre

4 Episodes

From haunted objects to psychotic filmmakers, Midnight Terror Theatre presents a variety of unpredictable horror shorts. Watch alone and you will likely stay up all night long.

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Midnight Terror Theatre
  • S1E1: When You Pick Up an Umbrella

    Episode 1

    A spirit of an old lady terrorizes anyone foolish enough to pick up her red umbrella; A manager abuses an idol actress to the point that he goes insane himself.

  • S1E2: Workshop

    Episode 2

    A group of amateur actors and actresses will do anything to impress at their audition -- but how far will they go?

  • S1E3: Give It Back

    Episode 3

    Two schoolboys are freaked out by a new girl whose backpack is rumored to be made of human skin. They decide to steal it, which only makes their situation worse.

  • S1E4: The Genuinely Talented Film Director

    Episode 4

    A group of actors is forced to cope with an incredibly frustrating director who, for some unknown reason, seems to be revered as a genius.