May I blackmail you?

May I blackmail you?

9 Episodes

Two incompatible characters - A blackmailer who is very good at his job, and a college student who is too good-natured - meet by chance, and while clashing with each other, they solve their cases and make their clients happy.

May I blackmail you?
  • S1E1: May I blackmail you?

    Episode 1

    A DVD is sent to Mio's home along with an unknown phone number. In the video, a man claiming to be a "blackmailer" holds Mio's "accomplice" and "lover" at gunpoint, saying that he will be killed if she doesn't return the money they swindled.

  • S1E2: May I blackmail you?

    Episode 2

    Now Senkawa has something on Mio, and she decides to help his blackmail job. They are asked by Sawako to restore the honor of her best friend and musician, ERu, who committed suicide.

  • S1E3: May I blackmail you?

    Episode 3

    Senkawa is asked to collect money from Mashiko that was obtained through his mother's marriage fraud. While Mashiko agrees to make the payment, he also asks Senkawa to free his friend, Maki, from her boyfriend.

  • S1E4: May I blackmail you?

    Episode 4

    Mio meets Kunieda, who claims to have been a student of her mother. He leaves a cryptic message about the accident that killed Mio's parents.

  • S1E5: May I blackmail you?

    Episode 5

    Senkawa succeeded in uncovering the truth about the death of Mio's parents, but her grandfather threatens to wipe out Senkawa and his team if Senkawa can't protect Mio. In the meantime, Mio goes missing, and Kaoru disappears as well.

  • S1E6: May I blackmail you?

    Episode 6

    Mio is involved in a threat against Mio's grandfather, and is hospitalized. In the meantime, Senkawa meets a 9-year-old girl who asks him to help her mother.

  • S1E7: May I blackmail you?

    Episode 7

    Senkawa learns from the news that Kurai, whom Senkawa blackmailed, is dead, and worries that the team will also be investigated by the police. Senkawa asks Akane about Kurai.

  • S1E8: May I blackmail you?

    Episode 8

    Senkawa, who is trying to get to the bottom of Kurai's death, visits the manager of the restaurant where Kurai died. Mio learns about Senkawa and his deceased girlfriend's past.

  • S1E9: May I blackmail you?

    Episode 9

    Mio gives Senkawa the card that her grandfather had given her. However, she blames herself for pushing Senkawa to get revenge for his murdered lover.