I'm Your Destiny

I'm Your Destiny

10 Episodes

A strange man who claims to be "god" tells Makoto about a woman with whom he absolutely must fall in love. The greatest "destiny" story kicks off on the worst possible note.

I'm Your Destiny
  • S1E1: I'm Your Destiny

    Episode 1

    Makoto is transferred to the office next door to the company where Haruko works. One day, a mysterious man tells Makoto that Haruko is Makoto's soul mate.

  • S1E2: I'm Your Destiny

    Episode 2

    The mysterious man advises Makoto that he needs money to beat Sadaoka and win over Haruko. Working hard to acquire a new customer, Makoto is surprised to learn who this new customer is.

  • S1E3: I'm Your Destiny

    Episode 3

    After dinner with Haruko and Sadaoka, Makoto goes home feeling defeated by Sadaoka. The mysterious man advises Makoto to memorize 100 classical pieces and their authors in order to beat Sadaoka.

  • S1E4: I'm Your Destiny

    Episode 4

    Makoto finds out that Haruko has worries about her love life. What is the advice from the mysterious man this time? Makoto has to get his carrot-hating department head to eat carrots.

  • S1E5: I'm Your Destiny

    Episode 5

    While having dinner together, Haruko's favorite sumo wrestler visits the restaurant, and Makoto and Haruko decide to attend the sumo wrestler's haircutting ceremony. Little do they know that this will turn out to be a miraculous first date.

  • S1E6: I'm Your Destiny

    Episode 6

    In order to show Haruko how macho he is, Makoto is advised to speak with her like a bossy husband. However, his demeanor makes her worried that he might be angry with her.

  • S1E7: I'm Your Destiny

    Episode 7

    Makoto's next mission is to get Haruko a ring for her birthday. Since Sadaoka can tell the size of a ring just by looking at the finger, Makoto decides to train with Sadaoka to determine the size.

  • S1E8: I'm Your Destiny

    Episode 8

    Makoto begins to get along with Haruko's father, Daichi. However, shortly thereafter, Daichi accidentally learns that Makoto's ex-girlfriend is a criminal, and now opposes the relationship with Haruko.

  • S1E9: I'm Your Destiny

    Episode 9

    Makoto and Haruko decide to go on a trip together. The mysterious man finally reveals his true identity to Makoto and gives him a ridiculous challenge as the final test.

  • S1E10: I'm Your Destiny

    Episode 10

    The mysterious man disappears, and Makoto loses the memory of the man as well. Because of the disappearance of the man, Makoto and Haruko's fate as a couple is no longer secure.