I'm Taking the Day Off

I'm Taking the Day Off

10 Episodes

A woman with low self-esteem who has spent her life on the sidelines of romance, but who slowly decides to break that safe zone with her first boyfriend, learns from her repeated failures in love.

I'm Taking the Day Off
  • S1E1: I'm Taking the Day Off

    Episode 1

    Despite being a virgin at 29, Hanae tells her colleagues that she is in a relationship. However, on her 30th birthday, she shares a drink with Tanokura, a part-time employee at her company, and things take an unexpected turn.

  • S1E2: I'm Taking the Day Off

    Episode 2

    Hanae is troubled by Tanokura's confession, not knowing Tanokura's true intentions. Meanwhile, a get-together party is held between Asao's company and Hanae's company.

  • S1E3: I'm Taking the Day Off

    Episode 3

    Asao gives some advice to Hanae, who has started dating Tanokura. Hanae visits Tanokura's place for the first time, but when she finds a pink scrunchie under the bed, she gets upset and runs out of the room.

  • S1E4: I'm Taking the Day Off

    Episode 4

    Hanae's parents find out that she has a boyfriend, but she is unable to tell them about him. Hanae's father mistakenly thinks Asao is the boyfriend and wants to meet him.

  • S1E5: I'm Taking the Day Off

    Episode 5

    Hirono, Tanokura's friend, confesses her feelings for Tanokura to Hanae, who struggles to reveal that they are already dating. When Hirono finds out the truth, it causes a heated argument between Hanae and Tanokura.

  • S1E6: I'm Taking the Day Off

    Episode 6

    While keeping her distance from Tanokura, Hanae feels a human touch for the first time with Asao. In the meantime, Hirono confesses her feelings to Tanokura.

  • S1E7: I'm Taking the Day Off

    Episode 7

    Tanokura proposes the idea of Hanae living with him, which leaves her with mixed feelings. While she is thrilled about the prospect of sharing a living space, she also has several concerns that are making her uneasy.

  • S1E8: I'm Taking the Day Off

    Episode 8

    Upon learning about Tanokura's plans to attend grad school and his aspirations for the future, Hanae feels a sense of detachment from their marriage, as she cannot envision herself fitting into his vision of the future.

  • S1E9: I'm Taking the Day Off

    Episode 9

    Tanokura proposes to Hanae after giving up on grad school. Although happy with their relationship, Hanae feels indebted to Tanokura and tries to figure out what she can do for him.

  • S1E10: I'm Taking the Day Off

    Episode 10

    After ending her relationship with Tanokura to encourage him to pursue his goals for the future, Hanae is proposed to by Asao. With Asao, she can comfortably talk about anything and begins to doubt her love for Tanokura.