Goodbye Ghosts!

Goodbye Ghosts!

9 Episodes

The emotionally blocked science geek Madoka and the uber-expressive jockette Sachi attend the same college. The two are like oil and water -- they have nothing in common and simply don't understand each other's train of thought. Yet a bizarre part-time job brings the two of them closer.

Goodbye Ghosts!
  • S1E1: Goodbye Ghosts!

    Episode 1

    Madoka goes to the funeral wake of his high school classmate Chisato. On his way home, he sees a mysterious sight - a person wearing a rabbit costume and an elderly man wrestling.

  • S1E2: Goodbye Ghosts!

    Episode 2

    Nabeshima assigns Madoka and Sachi a new job. The target this time is a 14-year-old boy who died after being hospitalized for a long time due to heart disease. The only thing holding him back from leaving this world is a promise he made to his nurse.

  • S1E3: Goodbye Ghosts!

    Madoka meets a ghost, Miki, who was a high school teacher but is unable to go to the other side because of her former student Ryoji. In order to leave, she has to find out why he has stopped attending university.

  • S1E4: Goodbye Ghosts!

    Episode 4

    Tamotsu, who became Sachi's stalker, possesses Madoka and attacks Sachi. Madoka fights against Tamotsu’s control, expels him, and protects Sachi. Now Tamotsu has disappeared and they are afraid of what he will do next.

  • S1E5: Goodbye Ghosts!

    Episode 5

    Sachi suffers a serious injury when trying to save Miki and falls unconscious. Madoka meets the ghost of Kato's grandmother, Yoshiko. She has no regrets about this world but is only concerned about a university professor, Maeda.

  • S1E6: Goodbye Ghosts!

    Episode 6

    Nabeshima then assigns Madoka the task of helping Tatsuo. Tatsuo is concerned that his baseball team is missing one player and unable to play in a tournament. Tatsuo visits Shinnosuke's home in order to convince him to rejoin the team but his sister refuses...

  • S1E7: Goodbye Ghosts!

    Episode 7

    Sachi has acquired the out-of-body ability. Knowing this, Shinozaki and Matsumoto invite Sachi to join them. Meanwhile, Ikuo, Madoka's father is taken to a hospital and falls unconscious. His soul leaves his body while he hovers between life and death.

  • S1E8: Goodbye Ghosts!

    Episode 8

    Nabeshima and Yuzuko learn that Sachi was hiding Chisato. Sachi desperately tries to keep Nabeshima from taking Chisato to the other side. Sachi thinks Chisato should possess Sachi's body and date Madoka so that she can have an unforgettable memory with him.

  • S1E9: Goodbye Ghosts!

    Episode 9

    Madoka and Sachi's next job is Ritsuko, who died in an accident at work. Ritsuko and Nabeshima are arguing, and there is a disturbance in the atmosphere between them. There is an unexpected truth hidden within the intertwined mystery of Nabeshima's past and Ritsuko's death.