Flat Out Tokyo Girl

Flat Out Tokyo Girl

11 Episodes

In contemporary Tokyo, a young woman, Urara, embarks on a quest to find her purpose while her broken family tries to recapture the time they've lost.

Flat Out Tokyo Girl
  • S1E1: Flat Out Tokyo Girl

    Episode 1

    Seeking her father, Urara, an optimistic but occasionally tactless young woman, makes the bold move from Kagawa to Tokyo by herself. However, the moment she steps into Tokyo, she finds herself penniless due to a theft.

  • S1E2: Flat Out Tokyo Girl

    Episode 2

    Urara reunites with her father, Takuya, after a 15-year separation. Eager to make up for lost time, she is also determined to reveal the true intentions of women who flock to her father, hoping to save him from them.

  • S1E3: Flat Out Tokyo Girl

    Episode 3

    Despite Urara's futile attempt to expose Hanako's affair, Urara remains resilient. Now she is on a mission to infiltrate a sports club, determined to unearth the truth about her father's second love, Fuyu.

  • S1E4: Flat Out Tokyo Girl

    Episode 4

    Urara is committed to untangling her father's romantic relationships, and her focus now shifts to Haruka, the proprietor of a bar.

  • S1E5: Flat Out Tokyo Girl

    Episode 5

    Summoning three women to her father's apartment, Urara aims to discover who among them--Hanako, Fuyu, or Haruka--is his genuine love interest.

  • S1E6: Flat Out Tokyo Girl

    Episode 6

    Upon seeing that Daisuke has finally picked a partner, Urara becomes more convinced that her father should make a decision. Now realizing that Hanako is her father's true love, Urara approaches Hanako to understand her real intentions.

  • S1E7: Flat Out Tokyo Girl

    Episode 7

    Sayuri, Urara's mother, makes a surprise visit to Tokyo, arriving at Takuya's apartment unannounced. Takuya and Urara are thrown into a state of panic as Sayuri is completely unaware of their shared living situation.

  • S1E8: Flat Out Tokyo Girl

    Episode 8

    Takuya, on a business trip, benefits from Koichi, his assistant. Yet, a revelation about Koichi's poor bar exam score forces Takuya to make a tough choice.

  • S1E9: Flat Out Tokyo Girl

    Episode 9

    Urara, without a word to her father, makes her way back to her hometown. Anxious about Urara's whereabouts, Takuya searches for her. While she seems happy in her hometown, her thoughts are occupied with worries about her father.

  • S1E10: Flat Out Tokyo Girl

    Episode 10

    In Tokyo, Urara and her father rekindle their familial bond, choosing to live together again. Following this, Urara approaches her father with the suggestion that he and her mother recommit to each other.

  • S1E11: Flat Out Tokyo Girl

    Episode 11

    In pursuit of a legal career mirroring her father's, Urara begins her studies, while Takuya parts ways with his girlfriends. The preparations for their long-awaited family life are in motion, but trouble promptly arises following their reunion.