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Watch this video and more on Doki TV

Up Next in Season 1

  • S1E4: Duty and Revenge

    While being pressed by Takuro for a murder admission, Fujiki escapes. During the struggle, Takuro grabs Fujiki's phone. At the same time, Takuro, pretending to trust Fujiki's innocence, approaches Mikako.

  • S1E5: Duty and Revenge

    To meet Professor Tonami in two days, Fujiki hides in an apartment complex with illegal immigrants. There, he helps a collapsed Chinese woman, and they promise to cooperate to avoid police detection.

  • S1E6: Duty and Revenge

    Despite his efforts, Fujiki cannot uncover a hidden message on the tape left by Taeko. Meanwhile, Takuro, believing that Fujiki and Karasuma are on the brink of contact, closely trails Karasuma.