Dr. Rintaro, Psychiatrist

Dr. Rintaro, Psychiatrist

10 Episodes

A psychiatrist, Rintaro Hino, listens closely to the aching hearts of people, relieving them of their pain. His practice is growing but despite his achievements, Dr. Rintaro himself falls short in one department: love.

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Dr. Rintaro, Psychiatrist
  • S1E1: Dr. Rintaro, Psychiatrist

    Episode 1

    As a famous psychiatrist, Rintaro has a busy life. One day, he meets a drop-dead beautiful geisha girl, Yumeno, but she acts completely differently when he sees her the next time, which puzzles him.

  • S1E2: Dr. Rintaro, Psychiatrist

    Episode 2

    Rintaro clashes with Miyagawa over the diagnosis that Miyagawa provided his patient, a well-known novelist suffering from severe writers-block and with unstable mental health.

  • S1E3: Dr. Rintaro, Psychiatrist

    Episode 3

    A seriously injured woman is taken in. She claims that her injury is from falling down the stairs, but Rintaro and others suspect domestic violence by her husband. Meanwhile, Yumeno begs Rintaro to lend her a large sum of money.

  • S1E4: Dr. Rintaro, Psychiatrist

    Episode 4

    A patient of Miyagawa, Makiko, makes a fuss about being sexually harassed by him during a medical examination. Also, Makiko's daughter disappears with Yumeno. When Rintaro calls Yumeno and calls her "Akira", she answers. Worried, Rintaro goes to search for them.

  • S1E5: Dr. Rintaro, Psychiatrist

    Episode 5

    A woman who had been treated in the past for a gambling addiction visits Rintaro. Although she claims that her symptoms have relapsed, Rintaro feels something is not right. He also wants to know about Yumeno's mental state, and a sudden incident leads him to learn about her past.

  • S1E6: Dr. Rintaro, Psychiatrist

    Episode 6

    A mentally unstable woman visits Rintaro. Later, she calls the hospital, panicking about being targeted by a stalker, but when she is told that Rintaro is not available, she gets upset and hangs up the phone. Meanwhile, Rintaro's beloved dog disappears.

  • S1E7: Dr. Rintaro, Psychiatrist

    Episode 7

    Ennoji is furious when he sees a photo of Rintaro and Yumeno kissing. Meanwhile, Rintaro examines Shinya, an autistic boy. While Rintaro opposes the idea of using Shinya as a research subject, Ennoji points out the photo and fires Rintaro from being Shinya and Yumeno's lead doctor.

  • S1E8: Dr. Rintaro, Psychiatrist

    Episode 8

    Ennoji approves surgery for a brain tumor on the minister's son in order to gain the minister's cooperation in buying the hospital. Ennoji instructs Hasumi to perform the surgery, but Hasumi refuses. Rintaro suspects that Hasumi is suffering from psychogenic visual impairment.

  • S1E9: Dr. Rintaro, Psychiatrist

    Episode 9

    A photo of Rintaro and Yumeno is published in a magazine. Due to the fake article, Rintaro is put on suspension, and Araki returns to work instead. However, Akira believes that Yumeno leaked the photo.

  • S1E10: Dr. Rintaro, Psychiatrist

    Episode 10

    Rintaro decides to oversee Akira's recovery without being in a relationship with Yumeno. Meanwhile, Akira's mother is caught for a 'dine and dash', and Akira becomes the mother's trustee. On the other hand, Ennoji starts to make a fuss when the plan to buy the hospital has been scrapped.