Don't Fight with Idiots

Don't Fight with Idiots

10 Episodes

Kotaro, a fresh hire at a reputed toy manufacturing company, employs his own physical prowess and intelligence to tackle the imbeciles that cross his path on a daily basis.

Don't Fight with Idiots
  • S1E1: Don't Fight with Idiots

    Episode 1

    Kotaro is enthusiastic about taking part in the upcoming toy design competition at his company, despite having a boss, Kataoka, who appears passionate but is actually an idiot who does not listen to others.

  • S1E2: Don't Fight with Idiots

    Episode 2

    Kotaro's proposed project is deemed a success and his co-worker, Kaneko, is jealous of him. As they work together, Kotaro finds himself constantly held back by Kaneko's negative attitude and lack of productivity.

  • S1E3: Don't Fight with Idiots

    Episode 3

    As Kotaro attempts to negotiate a toy license with manga artist Shion Miyanishi, he is thrown off by her unexpected reaction. For some reason, she seems to believe that he is approaching her with romantic intentions.

  • S1E4: Don't Fight with Idiots

    Episode 4

    Kotaro visits the budget control department to present his plans for commercializing his project. There, he encounters stiff competition from Iiyama, who tries to outdo him at every turn, from walking faster to drinking coffee quicker.

  • S1E5: Don't Fight with Idiots

    Episode 5

    Seeking to strengthen his relationship with his business partner, who is known to be hard to please and a sauna enthusiast, Kotaro opts to join him in a sauna session.

  • S1E6: Don't Fight with Idiots

    Episode 6

    The toy created by Kotaro proves to be a best-seller, but it is President Enryakuji who receives the credit for its development on a televised program.

  • S1E7: Don't Fight with Idiots

    Episode 7

    Kotaro quits his job after clashing with the president and trains as a sushi chef at his father's restaurant. However, the meddlesome landlord of the restaurant starts interfering with their business operations.

  • S1E8: Don't Fight with Idiots

    Episode 8

    Starting a toy company was a dream come true for Kotaro. He hires Yoshida, an expert in bookkeeping, to help him secure the loan from a bank, but Yoshida's excess worrying nature troubles Kotaro.

  • S1E9: Don't Fight with Idiots

    Episode 9

    Kotaro, now a respected company president, enlists physicist Iguchi's help in developing a toy but struggles to understand his unclear language. As a prerequisite, Iguchi suggests a survival game.

  • S1E10: Don't Fight with Idiots

    Episode 10

    Kotaro's new product faces competition from his former company and he seeks help from a previous investor Saburo after being refused a loan. In the meantime, the toy industry in Japan is hit by a seismic event.