Death Note

Death Note

11 Episodes

Write anybody's name on the death god notebook known as "DEATH NOTE" and they will die. Join Light, who finds a Death Note, and L, a world-renowned detective who is shrouded in mystery, as they use their brilliant minds to engage in a cat-and-mouse game.

Death Note
  • S1E1: Death Note

    Episode 1

    Light Yagami obtains a "Death Note." He writes the name of an acquaintance, and the acquaintance dies. Later, in order to protect his father who is also a detective, Light, out of a sense of justice, kills criminals one after another by using the Death Note.

  • S1E2: Death Note

    Episode 2

    Light senses that he's being watched by someone. He suspects that L is behind this, and plans to take out the tailer and L together.

  • S1E3: Death Note

    Episode 3

    When Light receives a phone call from L, Light realizes that he is suspected of being Kira. Meanwhile, Ryuk proposes to give Light the "Shinigami Eye" in exchange for certain conditions.

  • S1E4: Death Note

    Episode 4

    Light believes that there is another Kira because the FBI agent who was after Light died without Light's intervention. Meanwhile, Light suspects that L has planted a surveillance camera in Light's room.

  • S1E5: Death Note

    Episode 5

    Misa confesses to Light that she has the Death Note and the Shinigami Eyes. Light tries to find out L's actual name using Misa's Shinigami Eyes.

  • S1E6: Death Note

    Episode 6

    Misa is detained on suspicion of being the second Kira, and she, unable to bear the interrogation by L, asks Rem to kill her. Meanwhile, Rem orders Light to save Misa, and Light visits L to clear his suspicions.

  • S1E7: Death Note

    Unconvinced that Light is not Kira, L decides to put Light under 24-hour surveillance. In order to prove his innocence, Light offers to cooperate in Kira's arrest.

  • S1E8: Death Note

    Episode 8

    A man, Higuchi, arrested as the third Kira dies. L investigates the Death Note which Higuchi possessed, but with the fake rule written by Ryuk, Light and Misa are exonerated.

  • S1E9: Death Note

    Light succeeds in writing L's real name in the Death Note, but L put a trick in the notebook. Light, trapped in a tough spot, decides to take action.

  • S1E10: Death Note

    Episode 10

    Light and his father head to the designated location with the Death Note in order to rescue Sayu, who has been captured by Himura.

  • S1E11: Death Note

    Episode 11

    After L's death, Light's father also loses his life. Light, determined to do whatever it takes to create an ideal world without crime, decides to eliminate Mello.