Born to be a Flower

Born to be a Flower

10 Episodes

Momo is blessed with the complete package - looks, career, wealth, prominent family, and incredible talent. She meets a man who is just mediocre and there seems to be no hope of overcoming the great inequality that divides them. And yet, they fall in love.

Born to be a Flower
  • S1E1: Born to be a Flower

    Episode 1

    Momo's fiancé's betrayal on the day of the wedding causes her to lose her confidence completely. One day she wanders into a shopping district with her broken bicycle and meets the owner of the bicycle shop, Naoto.

  • S1E2: Born to be a Flower

    Episode 2

    Momo performs wonderfully at an important event, but she has to work as a hostess due to Naoto's misunderstanding. Meanwhile, she hears from her ex.

  • S1E3: Born to be a Flower

    Episode 3

    Naoto's advice on how to overcome the pain Momo is experiencing only upsets her. Meanwhile, Ryuichi tries hard to get close to her.

  • S1E4: Born to be a Flower

    Episode 4

    While knowing that her father broke up her marriage with Yoshiike, Momo confesses her feeling towards Naoto to Yoshiike. Meanwhile, Nana's request for a chance to be the head of the Tsukishima family is granted by her father.

  • S1E5: Born to be a Flower

    Episode 5

    Momo introduces Naoto to her family as her boyfriend. Against her father's wishes, Momo asks him to make Nana be the successor of the family.

  • S1E6: Born to be a Flower

    Episode 6

    Learning the truth of her own birth makes Momo determined to take over the family business, but she is no longer able to deliver satisfying work. Meanwhile, Momo's father and Ryuichi start maneuvering in the race to name a successor.

  • S1E7: Born to be a Flower

    Episode 7

    Momo runs away with Yoshiike during her own wedding. While everyone is shocked and upset, only Naoto remains calm. In the meantime, Momo meets Hyoma, soon-to-be the head of the Jingu Family.

  • S1E8: Born to be a Flower

    Episode 8

    Attracted by Hyoma's work, Momo starts dating him. The race for the successor begins, but an unexpected rule set by Momo's father bewilders and agitates Ruriko.

  • S1E9: Born to be a Flower

    Episode 9

    Momo tries to devote herself to flower arranging. Meanwhile, the race for the Jingu family successor takes place.

  • S1E10: Born to be a Flower

    Episode 10

    Naoto tells Chiaki about his true feelings towards Momo. In the meantime, Nana decides to step down as the head of the family and Momo takes over, saying farewell to Naoto.