5 Episodes

In this show, members of AKB48 and their sister groups are treated as more than just cute idols. Their true self will be revealed while participating in activities: quizzes, games, interviews, and news!

  • S1E548: AKBINGO!

    Episode 548

    A comedian, Kuro-chan, invades the show. He requests that the AKB48 members dance for him and play games with him.

  • S1E549: AKBINGO!

    Episode 549

    The members of AKB48 are split into two teams and perform their best for the sports day. With their families joining, secrets that only their families know are revealed.

  • S1E550: AKBINGO!

    Episode 550

    The second half of the AKB48 sports day! Find out who has the strongest bond with their family through this episode.

  • S1E551: AKBINGO!

    Episode 551

    Learn about unexpected interests of the AKB48 members from their individual hobbies. Which of the members does the best job of finding out with which other member they share a common interest?

  • S1E552: AKBINGO!

    Episode 552

    The second half of the hobby presentation starts here. Who has the most appealing hobbies?